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The concept reminds me a lot of the game "Flower" that was released on PS3. Was that where you got your inspiration?

Not originally in the moment it was pitched, but we recognized the mechanic was basically identical, so we looked to it for further inspiration down the line during development :) 

Thanks for checking out our game!

omg thank you for such  a beautiful game i love the concept keep up the amazing work.  

Thank you so much for checking out our game! We're glad you enjoyed your time on Sunshore :D 

Thank you for playing Wisper! 

I think you have a really great start here, but it's just missing a few quality of life things. 

Oh for sure haha, QOL is something I think we could have considered more and your feed back is greatly appreciated :) 

Thank you so much for your feedback! You make a lot of great points! We'll definitely keep them in mind for the future. 

no problem :) and thank you.